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Erin Glenn's Blog


Personal experiences and findings related to SharePoint.

 About Me




I am Erin Glenn, a passionate SharePoint Solutions Architect from Richmond, Virginia. I've been working with SP since 2005 (SPS2003). In the early 2000's, I asked my software development manager how I could get into "web stuff" when I didn't want to write code and am certainly not a graphic designer.  Little did I know that SharePoint was that "web stuff" I wanted to do! 

I have a background in user support and training.  I am passionate about the end user, focusing on not over complicating solutions, such as providing a phased approach.  I also focus on just in time training - giving them just enough information to perform their actions.  I want them to get comfortable doing five steps first. Then, I will show them five more.
I perform my own requirements gathering/business analysis sessions and build the solutions myself with out-of-the-box tools, including browser-based, SharePoint Designer, and InfoPath.  There are third-party applications and tools that I have used in the past, including Metalogix's ControlPoint, Telerik's RAD Editor, Quest's Web Parts, and SSRS.  I also create my own user documentation and facilitate training.
I have been an active participant in the Richmond SharePoint User Group since its inception in 2008 and have co-lead the group since 2009.  We've also coordinated and facilitated the Richmond SharePoint Saturday events since 2009.
In September of 2012, I passed the 2010 Administrator exams and became a â€‹MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010.
Outside of SharePoint, I'm a Corvette enthusiast (own a 2001 convertible and member of the Corvette Club of Richmond), participate in high performance driving events (HPDE's), enjoy horseback riding, and boating in the summer with my parents.

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